I - General Introduction - A Brief Overview of the Golden Dawn

II - Victorian Britain - History, Culture, and Politics

III - Occult Influences on the Golden Dawn - The History of Western Hermetic Thought

IV - Offline

V -What Has Gone Before - A Detailed History of the Golden Dawn

VI - The Golden Dawn Temple - Officers Ceremony and Costume

VII - The French Rosicrucian Movement


I - First Knowledge Lecture

II - Quabbalah - The Jewish Element in the Western Tradition

III - Alchemy - The Art and Science of the Great Work

IV - Tarot

V - Astrology

VI - Enochian - The Angelic Language of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley

Source Documents

I - Westcott's History Lecture

II - The Fama Fraternitis

These pages are not produced or sponsored by any specific Esoteric Organization.  Much of the information on these pages was originally developed as background for Golden Aeon, a Live Action Roleplaying Drama, based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and run 11-13 December, 1998. For more information about Live Roleplaying, try the Virginia Interactive Arts Home Page

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