Enochian Continued - 3
Each subangle is attributed to an element Air, Water, Earth, or Fire.  The Fire Subangle of the Water tablet is referred to as "Fire of Water," etc.  Below, the yellow subangle is "Air of Earth," the blue subangle "Water of Earth," the Black subangle "Earth of Earth," and the Orange subangle "Fire of Earth." The pattern is the same for every Elemental Tablet.
 The Great Watchtower of the North
b o a z a r o p h a r a
v n n a x o p s o n d n
a i g r a n o o m a g g
o r p m n i n g b e a l
r s o n i z i r l e m v
i z i n r c z i a m h l
m o r d i a l h c t g a
o o c a m c h t a s o m
a r b i z m i l l p i z
o p a n a b a m s m a l
d o l o f l n i a n b a
r x p a o c s i z i x p
a x t i r v a s t r i m
 Enochian Elemental Tablet of Earth

The Calvary Crosses
Each subangle has a "calvary cross."  This is simply a cross made up of the center vertical line of the subangle, and the second horizontal line of the subangle.  Above, the Calvary Crosses have been darkened in each subangle. 

The Name in the vertical line, read from top to bottom, invokes the Power of the Subangle.  The name in the horizontal line, read from left to right, is used to compel the Power to obey.   For the "Fire of Earth" subangle above the name which invokes the Power is SPMNIR, and the name which is used to compel the Power is LLPIZ. 

b o a z a
v n n a x
a i g r a
o r p m n
r s o n i
i z i n r

The Kerub name in the Air of Earth Subangle is highlighted -  BOZA

The Kerubim and Angels

The four letter name of the Kerub is the four letters above the arms of the Calvary Cross (but not including the top of the cross).  The Kerub rules the angels whose names can be found below the arms of the Cross, created in the same way.   If you rearrange the letters in the name of the Kerub, you get a different Kerub, who rules a different set of angels whose names are created by rearranging the letters that same way. 

The Kerub BOZA (left) would rule the Angels AIRA, ORMN, RSNI, and IZNR.  If you moved the letters left, you would have the Kerub OZAB, who ruled IRAA, RMNO, SNIR, and ZNRI. - and so on!

Names of God that Rule the Kerubim
You can get the name of God that rules a Kerub by taking the name of the Kerub and adding a letter from the Tablet of Union.  It isn't precisely clear which letter - there are conflicting interpretations.  The most accepted answer is that you take the letter from the matching square.  For example, if you want to rule the Air of Air Kerub - DOPA, you add the letter from the Air of Air square of the Tablet of Union (you don't know how to do that yet...we'll get to it in a couple of pages)  - E, making EDOPA. 

The Demons or Elementals
Theories vary on these.  Watch this space for more details.

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