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General Restaurant Listing - Hagerstown



Our Pick - Cheap Eats

The Broad Axe - The best deal in Hagerstown!
28 W Franklin St Hagerstown, MD 21740-4972
Incredibly good prices on drinks and eats. $1.50 Yuengling, and the atmosphere is fern-barish, not terribly blue collar. They have live acts Saturdays and get crowded.

Directions from the Manse: Turn Left, walk up the hill past the YMCA. Turn into the alley behind the YMCA - the Broad Axe has a back door on the parking lot you'll walk into - it's roughly across from you. If it's late, or you're alone, turn Left at the corner of Potomac (the YMCA) and turn right at the corner of Franklin and go in the front.

Snow White Grill
12 S Potomac St Hagerstown, MD 21740-5513
Sam Spade ate here. At least you could believe he did. They've put new plastic seating in which takes away a bit of the charm, but it's still a wonderful little hole in the wall short order place. It is believed to be the oldest eating place in Hagerstown in constant business. Given the name and the architecture, it likely opened in 1937 or 38. It isn't 24 hours anymore, though the building says it is - that's part of the architecture.

Directions from the Manse: Turn left at the corner of Potomac (the YMCA) and walk about two and a half blocks past the City Hall until you get there.

Our Pick - Good Dining

Schmankerl Stube - About four blocks from our house - Extraordinary Barvarian Food (Most entrees $15-22)

Rocco's Italian Restaurant - family owned Italian place not far off Dual Highway ($9-18)****

Other Options

Tony's 14224 Pennsylvania Ave.Phone: 301-739-Tony (8669) - Very inexpensive for a lot of food ($9-18) ****

Antrim House - Solid food, a little better than Shoney's and independently operate.  Clean and respectable.  (Entrees $5-8, Burgers/Sandwiches less). ***

Crazy Horse Saloon - If you wear a tie in, they cut it off. Buffalo, Rattlesnake and Alligator on the menu. A fairly decent place along the "Lone Star" model. The Beer is cheap. ****

Barvarian Inn - In Shephardstown WV, less than an hour away.  Rated as one of the best restaurants in the Country by AAA and Mobil Travel Guides.  Great place to have Sunday dinner if you stayed over for a Saturday event. *****

Twilights Gourmet Deli and Ristorante - Italian food - haven't tried it yet, but it gets good reviews.

Richardson's - Decent Family style food. Open at 7 a.m. for breakfast and lunch. Buffet Dinner 4-9 p.m. daily; 11 a.m. on Sndays. Seafood Buffet Fridays, and Prime Rib Buffet Saturdays 4-8 p.m. Cocktails. 301/733-3660 or 582-4720. ***

Rococco - A Grand Brasserie. Washington D.C. Food at Washington D.C. Prices. Nice but...really! If you have a delicate stomach, and a big wallet, make this your first stop. The Elk wasn't anything to get excited about, the steak is good. Reservations recommended. Mon.-Thurs. 10 am-11 pm, Sat. 5-11 pm, Closed Sunday. 301/790-3331 *** (Good but pricey!)

Texas Roadhouse - Located in front of Martins Supermarket on Dual Highway. Typical chain restaurant, less interesting than the Crazy Horse. It's big reccomendation is that it's on the way out of town and keeps Sunday Hours. Mon.-thurs. 4-11:30 pm; Fri.-Sat. 12-11:30 pm; Sun. 12-10:30 pm. 301-739-2200 - Call ahead seating for parties of six or less Fri, Sat., Sun. ***

Nick's Airport Inn - Fairly well known in Aviation circles. Five Stars from "Pro Pilot's Wait time"  This is a fairly dressy restaurant, not a dive.  (Entrees run about $18-24)


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