Vendora, the incarnation of all evil

A Testament to HER words and HER way

On Thursday March 12, 1998, a group of Innocent LARPers set out for what they thought would be a happy and cheerful trip to Intercon XIII.  The number, the date, the full moon, should have warned them.

Afterwards none remembered with certainty at what damned and god-forsaken rest stop Vendora was found.  But found she was.  Those among our group mocked her, and propped a placard against her greenish skin saying "All Must Die."


This page is a testament to HER prescence in our world, and to HER words and HER way.  She is out there now...and what is more there may be others like her...

I shall now go to meet the others and end my suffering....I leave you with this one note...

For God's sake...just hold it until you are well away from her territory