Shot Into Space 
In a Yugo 

Date:  Friday, October 13, 2002
Place: USGS Launch Facility, Wallops Island VA, Orbital Sciences Corp.   Hangar.
Cost:  $122,049.97 (per member)*
       $112,049.97 (LARPA member discount)

Limited Registration - only the first twenty six players will be accepted

You will be shot into space in a 1989 Yugo Koral 55, lofted on a Pegasus XL  Rocket, designed by Orbital Sciences Corporation, of Dulles VA.  Players will attempt to survive, and solve interpersonal conflicts while orbiting the earth in a substandard eastern european automobile, which has been hastily pressurized with some old skin diving equipment, and 20 tubes of  "Mister Gasket" sealant. 

How did the First Run Go!
While there is no statute of limitations on murder, remember there is on negligence!  We're back from Costa Rica and ready to have another go.  In September of 1995, seven individuals were strapped into our 1985 Yugo Koral 32, and blasted into space.  After a near collision with the Mir Space Station, they re-entered the earth's atmosphere in a spectacular event that was the culmination of their live-gaming careers! 

What is included:
Each player will receive a pressure mask, a brown paper bag, and a box of  Nabisco Brand Cheeze Nabs (TM).  You will also get a character sheet,  contingency envelopes (with keen titles such as "open in case of  explosive decompression"). 

Combat will be simulated by struggling with 26 other cramped, sweaty,  terrified individuals inside a space that is barely larger than your  refrigerator.  Respiratory failure due to oxygen deprivation resulting  from sudden pressure loss will be simulated by choking gasping, turning 
blue, and having all the blood vessels in your skin burst.  Firey death  upon re-entering the atmosphere in a vehicle made entirely of cheap plastic and tin will be simulated by firey death...

* cash, money order, kruggerands, or negotiable SIMM's of questionable origin only.  No checks, credit cards, bogus IOUs or postage stamps


Name: _______________________________________________________

DOB: _______________________________________________________

Gender:  M Tu W Th F

Address: _______________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________

Health Insurance: _______________________________________________________

Life Insurance: _______________________________________________________

Next of Kin: _______________________________________________________

Note: show me $100,000 in cash, and I'll show you a rocket!

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