Theatre Style Live Roleplaying Events
Helpful Tips and Suggestions - Version 2.0
Last Revision April 9, 1999
By Gordon Olmstead-Dean
Edited by Phil Kelley
Index Explanation and Introduction
Promotion and Arrangements
Background and History
Personal Background
Jargon Glossary
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Please understand that all of this information is provided with the clear understanding that it may or may not be useful to you.  Theatre Style LARP is a field too new to have "grand old men" or even real "experts."  We are all learning and growing and what is true at this point may not be true a year from now. The information here is my opinion - you may or may not choose to make use of it. No-one but you can decide how to run your event!

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Copyright 1998 , Gordon Olmstead-Dean.  You may reprint or cite, providing the source is attributed.
Some of this material has appeared previously in identical or substantially similar form in the LARPA Periodical

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