Theatre Style Live Roleplaying Events
Helpful Tips and Suggestions - Appendix B

Jargon Glossary

Runtime - the time during which the event is up and operating. Generally from character handout to loadout.

GM –"Game(s) Master"- from tabletop RPG’s, the term came into use in the mid to late 70's, as a replacement for "Dungeon Master."

AGM - Assistant, (or Associate) GM.

Game Central - a widespread, though not universal, concept. A central staging area, where the GMs meet, confer, and store papers. Often a processing area for character paperwork. The term "Ops" or "Ops Center" is sometimes used, and is probably better than "Game Central" in regards to most modern events.

Metagame – "above the event" - a discussion or conversation which concerns the event itself, rather than the content of the event. An in game comment might be "Die heathen dog" followed by the metagame comment "I am attacking you with thirty points of energy." All GM to player conversation is metagame unless the player is talking to an NPC played by a GM. Among event producers the term is used to refer to the dynamics overlying an event.

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